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At first I thought Black Knight was Dr.Holiday.

holix/circex parallels [1x3 and 2x15]

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theyre so cute it physically hurts me

Don’t fuck with Annie.

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I found this old video. oh my god i cant believe I did this

I recommend that everyone on these tags stop what they’re doing and watch Generator Rex on Netflix. All three seasons are up, the characters are to die for and it’s better than any old Cartoon Network series. It isn’t just action oriented, but the story behind each character is very interesting, not to mention the personalities are just as diverse as the characters.

"She’s not my species and even I know she’s a hottie."

- Bobo about Holiday.


it’s so funny when morons hate on holiday and they always refer to “the swarm” as when she was the worst and it’s just funny cuz that’s when she’s super hot and constantly standing up for her beliefs and dealing with men who won’t listen to her

so, yeah, i’m not surprised that THAT’S the episode holiday-haters will reference

I HAVE to agree. “The Swarm” actually showed Holiday stand up for herself especially to White Knight, considering how much he bosses her around. Also, it even proved how others underestimated her, because even though they did exactly opposite what she told them to do, it backfired on them and it showed that they needed her even more after that. I’ll always love Holiday. One of the best female characters yet.